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  • FF Lesson 1: Questioning

Let's Go!

Read the extract below and complete the questions to unlock the demo video for this week’s freestyle trick: 


The World Cup. It burned in the lamplight.


The big man folded his huge hands together on the table top. “So. Where shall we begin?” he said.


“With some background stuff, if that’s alright with you?” said Faustino. He lifted his finger from the button and the tape began to run. “Tell me about where you grew up.”


At the edge of the world. That’s how it seemed to me. A red dusty road came from somewhere and passed throughout town. Then it went on to the edge of the forest, where the men were cutting down the trees.

Beyond the edge of the forest there was nothing, or that is what my father told me. He meant that the forest seemed to go on forever from there. Each day, at dawn, a number of trucks stopped at the top of the town where the men were waiting.


My father was one of them, and he climbed up into a truck and went off to work, cutting down the trees. He sometimes came home and told us stories, like how his team had cut down a really big one, and how the monkeys who lived in it had stayed clinging onto the top branches almost until they hit the ground and how they ran howling into the deeper forest with babies hanging off their bellies.


I didn’t know if that or any of the other stuff he told me was true or not. But I grew up listening to his stories and loving them. So perhaps, in spite of everything he did to try to stop me, it was my father who set me on the path that brought me to where I am today.”

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