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Read the extract below and complete the questions to unlock the facts and stats for this week’s freestyle trick:

But after school, my troubles didn’t seem that bad. All I could think of was L-I-V-E-R-P-O-O-L.

          My feet didn’t touch the ground on my way home. I decided it was better to tell the truth and face the consequences. After all, even though I’d lied it had worked out in the end. Liverpool FC – like – THE LFC – wanted to see me again. Surely even my parents wouldn’t hold my lies against me after that?

          But when I got in, all of that confidence disappeared. My mum gave me a stern look. “Baljit,” she said. “Your father is upstairs waiting for you. I think you have something to tell us son.”

          “Look, Mum, I only did it because….”

          “Go and talk to your father. I am going to get some more chips cut and then I’ll come up.”

          As I walked up the stairs, I thought, ‘That’s it, I’m done for.’ I went to my room and dropped my bag and the letter on the bed. On my way to the living room, I prayed that my dad would be in a good mood.

As I walked through the door, my dad was waiting. He was holding a letter similar to the one Mr Ball had given me. I was about to start talking when he held up his hand. “Don’t even start Baljit. I have had a very strange letter today, from someone at Liverpool.”

Source: Dream On (Bali Rai)

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