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Do your students spend hours practising their football skills, but don’t transfer that commitment to the classroom?

The National Literacy Trust’s Skills Academy programme is based on the success of Premier League Reading Stars. It helps Year 7 & 8 students struggling with their reading increase their comprehension skills, reading stamina and motivation to read and delivers key objectives from the KS3 national curriculum.  

Buy Skills Academy now - EXTRA DISCOUNT UNTIL 30 SEPTEMBER 2017! Email sport@literacytrust.org.uk or call 020 7820 6263.  

Students complete reading challenges and are rewarded with how-to videos of impressive football tricks. The tricks are demonstrated by top freestyle footballers.

Schools across the country are taking part in Skills Academy. The 10-session programme provides schools with free books, free classroom materials including bookmarks, stickers and posters, and access to free football-themed events.

You can register an unlimited number of students on the Skills Academy website. Try out Skills Academy before you buy it, with a free lesson plan, sample challengeassessment grid and instructional football skills video.


How much does Skills Academy cost?

Skills Academy costs £300, or £250 for National Literacy Trust members. If you run Skills Academy with 20 students, this works out at £15 per student per year.

*STOP PRESS* Until 30 September 2017 Skills Academy is available for £270, or £220 for National Literacy Trust members. 

This gives you one year’s access to the Skills Academy website and tutorial videos, with 10 easy to follow curriculum linked lesson plans. You’ll also get one year’s membership to the National Literacy Trust Network, entry into a prize draw for freestyle football events, and classroom materials.

Downloadable versions of the resources and unlimited student sign-up to the Skills Academy website provides even greater value for money if you choose to run the intervention for more than 20. Buy Skills Academy now - email sport@literacytrust.org.uk or call 020 7820 6263.  

What do I get?

You’ll receive 20 copies of the football novel Keeper by Mal Peet, posters, bookmarks and stickers for use in the classroom. You will also get access to the Skills Academy website and a year's membership of the National Literacy Trust. 

Which students is Skills Academy aimed at?

Skills Academy is for Year 7 and 8 students who are struggling to reach required levels in reading.

What impact will Skills Academy have on my pupils?

Skills Academy will enable students who have arrived from primary school with reading comprehension skills below the national average to increase their comprehension skills, reading stamina and motivation to read.

The intervention comes with assessment tools: (i) an assessment grid to capture students’ progress in comprehension skills (ii) a pre and post student voice questionnaire to capture attitudinal changes.

The National Literacy Trust is running reading tests with students so that we can identify any changes in reading levels as a result of taking part in the intervention. This data will be available in January 2018. 

Read our success story written by an English teacher delivering Skills Aacademy which shows how the intervention has increased the reading ages of her students. 

How many children can take part?

As many as you like. The 20 books can be re-used and, when you run out of bookmarks and posters you can download more copies and print them yourself. Limitless number of students can be registered on the micro-site for the year that you are registered.

What equipment/space do I need to deliver this?

You’ll need classroom space for lessons, ideally with access to computers or tablets. However, downloadable paper version of the intervention will also work which are supplied as part of the programme. Having a sports hall and outside space, as well as footballs, for practising the freestyle football skills is ideal but not essential, as this element can be done by students in their own time.

How is Skills Academy linked to the national curriculum?

Skills Academy helps you to deliver outcomes from the English programmes of study for Key Stage 3 from the national curriculum in England. You can download this document to find out more. 

Can Skills Academy have a cross-curricular reach?

Yes. Both English and P.E. departments can get involved in Skills Academy. Football techniques covered in these lessons will be useful for students who go on to become P.E. students. P.E. staff can also help students to learn the freestyle football skills.

P.E. teachers involved in the programme will gain useful knowledge to support their teaching of the reading demands for the new P.E. GCSE specification.

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