Welcome to Skills Academy, the reading programme for secondary schools. Here students can practise reading comprehension skills and unlock rewards that teach them how to beatbox and breakdance or to be a freestyle footballer!

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How it works

  • Students take part in 10 Skills Academy lessons following either the freestyle football or beatbox and breakdance modules
  • Each week the students complete comprehension challenges to unlock exclusive films and tutorials about amazing freestyle football or beatbox and breakdance skills
  • Students practise their new skills, ready to amaze their friends in the next lesson
  • By the end of the course, students have learnt 5 key comprehension skills and 10 new freestyle football or beatbox and breakdance skills

Learn new skills with help from the professionals!

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Exclusive tutorials come from two of the world's leading freestyle footballers, Aguska Mnich and Jamie Knight. Internationally acclaimed beatboxers Sons of Pitches as well as Kimmy Beatbox show how to develop amazing sounds and renowned breakdancers Lil’ Tim and Sun Sun reveal how to build impressive breakdance routines… students are engaged, build up confidence and feel inspired to learn more and more each week!